MyGel for Relief

transdermal pain medicine - analgesic

In June of 2016, MyGel for Relief was launched by Pharmaceutic Labs; a 503B CGMP Outsourcing facility in Albany, NY.  MyGel for Relief is an affordable, non-opioid, transdermal pain gel for moderate to chronic and acute joint, muscle and nerve pain.

This medication avoids adverse side effects from various pain medication such as damage to the liver, kidneys and GI Tract and congestive heart failure. Moreover, using non-addicting MyGel for Relief is a proactive approach to supporting the fight against prescription drug abuse. Click here for more insight on the problem

There were over 300,000,000 pain prescriptions in 2015, most of them opiate based prescriptions. The number of opiate prescriptions can be reduced by prescribing non-addicting, MyGel for Relief for pain relief. This is a viable, proactive solution that can help solve the current prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Go Gonzalez has spoken to hundreds of physicians throughout New York, North Carolina, and in the Philadelphia area about the current prescription drug abuse epidemic. All of the doctors are concerned and taking great precaution when prescribing pain medications.  MyGel for Relief has been well received and now starting to become a new great alternative for moderate to chronic pain.

For more detailed information about MyGel for Relief visit, Pharmaceutic Labs.

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